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  • Gust Kalatzes

    Gust has been a dealer in Price Utah for 25 years!   We think he is pretty great!   Instead of retiring and playing on his actual farm, he decided to become an AutoFarmer instead!   Gust is a proud father of three boys, and has a terrific wife Tara.   He is always ready to tell you about his awesome grandkids!  Gust graduated from Wyoming Technical Institute.  He has over 1,000 hours of training as a mechanic, and over a 1,000 hours of training as a body shop technician.  

  • Jim Kissling

    Jim has been an auto dealer for a little more than a year!   Yes, he is the new guy to the business.   Jim was a commercial banker for 15 years before joining AutoFarm as a partner.  You will usually see Jim walking around the store with a cell phone to his ear.   Jim grew up in Indiana, went to Culver Naval School, graduated from Butler University, and loves his wife Karyn and two kids!   The Kissling's love Utah ALMOST as much as they love Indiana, so you will often find them in Utah during the summer months, (their Favorite time of year in Utah). 

    One other thing that makes Jim pretty unique...he has a neuromuscular disease that progressively limits his mobility.  He is exceptionally passionate about the mobility dealerships, and is committed to your safety and mobility in all stages of life.   He is super open about it, so if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!

  • Danny Mower
    Director of Inventory/Sales

    Danny has been a car dealer for 12 years in Price Utah.  He was a Partner with Gust prior to joining AutoFarm!   Today he is a VERY active partner in AutoFarm and oversees all sales and Inventory activities at all stores around the country.   Danny has a super awesome wife Teresa and 4 super terrific kids.  He is a graduate of Weber State University, a coach of the local High School Football team, and an overall nice guy!   Watch that quiet sense of humor, he has some of the best jokes that you did not see coming!  

  • Steve Green
    General Manager (American Fork, UT)

  • Kris Pyne
    Sales Associate (American Fork, UT)

  • Eddie Uribe
    Sales Associate (American Fork, UT)

    Eddie is one of the happiest guys you will ever meet.   If you see Eddie without a smile, we will gladly give you a quarter!   What's not to be happy about, Eddie loves Buicks and GMCs.  Plus Eddie has a great wife and more than a basketball team worth of children, so he has plenty of happiness at home too!   We think Eddie's happiness is pretty endearing, and we hope you think so too!  By the way,  Eddie is also Bi-Lingual, so he will gladly work with you in English or Spanish!

  • Lyman Sisson
    Sales Associate (American Fork, UT)

    Lyman is a true professional in the car business.  We think the key word is professional, because lets face it...there are some pretty unprofessional people out there.   Give Lyman a chance...once you have worked with a true professional everyone else seems like a mere imitation.   

  • Jeff Carey
    Service Manager (American Fork, UT)

  • Thomas Aders
    Service Adviser (American Fork, UT)

  • Terry Larsen
    Parts Manager (American Fork, UT)

  • Todd Cole
    Parts Specialist (American Fork, UT)

  • Tyson Clark
    General Manager (Price, UT)

    Tyson is the General Manager of Price Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram as well as Price Ford.   I know the resemblance is close, but no this is not the famous boxer.  Tyson is active in his church, has a fun loving wife, and tremendous kids.   We think Tyson is a pretty great guy to have around the stores.  

  • Julius Valdez
    Sales/Finance Manager (Price, UT)

  • Justin Kennedy
    Sales/Finance Manager (Price, UT)

  • Jim Lowe
    Sales Associate (Price, UT)

    Jim is the worst "salesperson" you will ever meet.   He does not even know how to sell fertilizer to a farmer.   Here is the neat thing about that.   He is not here to SELL you on anything.   He is here to make friends and find out about what you need and want.   If you are trying to get someone to tell you what to do...then don't go see Jim.  If you are looking to work with someone that is a great listener and a tremendous person...then look no further.    

  • Jeff Cisneros
    Sales Associate

  • Nathan Pritt
    Sales Associate

  • Jamie Flemetakis
    Service Adviser (Price, UT)

  • Jared Ballard
    Service Adviser (Price, UT)

  • Leslie Davies
    Body Shop Manager (Price, UT)

  • Reggie Valdez
    Parts Manager (Price, UT)

  • Ryan Nickloy
    General Manager (Middletown, IN)

    Ryan has been in the car business over half of his life! He has one of the best auto finance backgrounds we have ever seen!  Ryan grew up in Connersville, IN, and has always considered that his home.     Ryan has the record for the fastest career growth at AutoFarm.  He started as a sales person quickly became the General Sales Manager at the Buick GMC store in American Fork, Utah and now the General Manager at the Ford Store in Middletown, Indiana.  All in less than a year!  He may seem serious, but don't let that fool you! He is serious about making you happy!   Ryan loves his two boys, baseball, and Indiana. 

  • Kurt Huffman
    Sales Associate (Middletown, IN)

    Kurt is a sales teammate in our Middletown Ford Store.   Kurt is a very knowledgeable, fun, straightforward, and honest.  He is the kind of person that you WANT to do business with.  We think he is a pretty good listener too.   He knows the right ratio of talking to listening....while he knows a lot, he is not a know it all.   Big Difference...we think.  

  • Willard Troutman
    Sales Associate (Middletown, IN)

    Willard is our location manager at New Castle, and he is also the Top Salesperson in New Castle.   (Do not burst his bubble that he is the only salesperson in New Castle.)  All kidding aside, Willard loves working with all kinds of people and situations.   You may meet Willard as a stranger, but we can assure you, you will leave him as a friend.   Even if your not looking for a car, feel free to stop into New Castle to meet Willard and just say Hi! 

  • Mike Barrett
    Service Adviser (Middletown, IN)

    What do you get when a senior master Ford Technician and a sweet lady have a child, you get Mikey.   Mike is a service advisor, and Mike's dad really is a technician, and Mike's mom really is sweet.   Mike has a great sense of humor and really knows his stuff.   When you are needing work on your car, truck, van or SUV, know that Mikey will make honest and genuine recommendations that will help keep your car safe and reliable. 

  • Michelle Abner
    Customer Care Specialist

    Have you ever seen a smile over the phone?   If you have not then you need to talk to Michelle.   She works with Sharon, and they truly are tops when it comes to answering your questions.  So here is the deal about that....they may not know all of the answers, but they will work to get them for you quickly.   We think that is much better than guessing or being a know it all!  Michelle has several fur babies to enjoy!

  • Tony Poteet
    Parts Manager (Middletown, IN)

    No, this is not Central Indiana's favorite meteorologist Paul Poteet...better yet this is Central Indiana's favorite Parts Manager Tony Poteet.  Tony is a critical "part" to the AutoFarm Team, and we sure are glad to have him.  He really likes it when people quiz him on part numbers...go ahead, give it a shot.

  • Courtney Marcus Elliott
    Mobility Sales (American Fork, UT)

    Courtney is starting the AutoFarm Mobility business in Utah!   We are so excited that she joined the team to take on this big undertaking.   Courtney is excited to help get Utah moving!  We think she is super caring and smart, which is good for you, because she will listen to your specific situation, and help you come up with a solution.  

  • Kimberly Poore
    Mobility Consultant (Middletown, IN)

    Kimberly "McCrocklin" Poore has worked in the family mobility business for as long as she can remember.   We think she is a tremendous person that has unmeasurable compassion.   That is really hard to find, and it makes her a perfect fit for helping customers conquer their mobility issues.   Plus, all of her product knowledge gathered over her ENTIRE LIFE, makes her a virtual encyclopedia of Mobility knowledge.   Go ahead, quiz her.  If she does not know the answer, we will buy you a Coke.   

  • Judy Wiley
    Mobility Consultant (Middletown, IN)

    Judy is typically our top mobility consultant month after month.   We think that is because she gives some pretty good advice, and really enjoys what she does!   After many years of Medical Billing, she loves the transition to working with people.   We think you will agree that she is great with people, and will always give you reliable information to help allow you to make the best decisions.  

  • Debbie Harrell
    Customer Care Specialist

  • Rob Neusbaum
    Sales Associate (Logansport, IN)

  • Zach Wagner
    Sales Associate (Logansport, IN)

  • Erika Barco
    Internet Specialist (Logansport, IN)

  • Jeff Reed
    Service Manager (Logansport, IN)