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 New Car Financing

In the old days, your chances of getting a car loan at a good rate were set by your length of employment and credit rating, alone. In the last few years, new methods of calculating your ability to pay have been developed. These are in use today, and they've changed everything.Today, lenders are taking into account not only credit scores and employment history, but things like magazine subscriptions, cell phone bills, property tax records, and debit card use. This can give them a better picture of your situation and likelihood of maintaining payments on a new car or truck.Even if you don't have an extensive credit record that you've kept shiny and clean as a whistle, and even if you've just started a new job, that new car can potentially be yours.

Finance Specials

 How to Prequalify

Another recent advance: We now have a pre-qualification tool that can you help get an your creditworthiness before officially applying for a loan. Our online loan calculator can accurately tell you how much car you can afford, and do it without registering any hits to the credit bureaus - the kind that tend to lower your credit rating in some cases.Use our online app to learn your borrowing power and avoid the disappointment of making a deal, only to be denied when the finance manager runs your credit. Use it in confidence that your credit rating won't be negatively affected just for checking things out.

 Visit our dealerships

Buyers everywhere are walking into dealerships and driving out with safe, reliable, efficient and beautiful new cars. These buyers in some cases wouldn't have been approved in the past. They're experiencing the benefits of the New Car Finance Revolution.You owe it to yourself to check out our finance specials for new cars. We're experienced in matching buyers with cars they want and the financing they need. If you're near our dealerships in Indiana or Utah, drop by and let us show you how we can help.

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